Cromartie Family Association

The Cromartie Family Association

The Cromartie Family Association provides education about the lives, times, heritage, history and early migration patterns of the Cromartie Family and other people settling the area in and around Bladen County, North Carolina during the 18th Century.

"The family is the association established by nature for the supply of man's everyday wants."


Membership in the Cromartie Family Association is open to anyone interested in the family of Scotsman, William Cromartie and Scottish settlement in eastern North Carolina.

William Cromartie left Orkney in his early 20's and and settled on the South River, a tributary of the Cape Fear River in Bladen County, North Carolina in 1758. He married twice and had 13 children whose descendents number in the tens of thousands. 

The Cromartie Family Association (CFA) serves to strengthen the bond of kinship among Cromarties and others interested in the history and heritage of Bladen County. The Association fosters continuing research documenting past history and genealogy for present and future generations. The CFA sponsors activities, informative lectures, events, and historical tours in an inclusive and sharing atmosphere.

We invite you to explore our website, become a member of The Cromartie Family Association, and celebrate with us at our annual reunions

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Cromartie Family Association

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