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Cromartie Family Association By Laws


The name of this organization shall be The Cromartie Family Association, Inc.


The purpose of this organization is to provide education about the lives, times, heritage, history and early migration patterns of people settling the area in and around Bladen County, North Carolina during the 18th Century. The Association serves to strengthen a bond of kinship among those people interested in the history and heritage of Bladen County and the preservation of the history of the Cromartie and other early settlers' contributions to both the Revolutionary and Civil Wars, Secondly, to sponsor related activities, informative lectures, events,and historical tours in an inclusive and sharing atmosphere. Third, to foster continuing research documenting past history so that present generations will have a template for those members to come in the future.


Membership in the Cromartie Family Association is open to anyone interested in the perpetuation of the Association’s purpose. Both Cromartie family and non-family persons are eligible for membership.


An Annual Membership fee  shall be paid per adult (18 years and older) by January 31st.of each year for expenses related to the administration of the Association, its research, website and the annual Reunion of its Members. Lifetime Membership is available for a one-time fee per adult. Honorary Membership may be awarded by the Association and conferred by the Executive Board on Members or non-members who the Association wishes to recognize for generously contributing to the the advancement of the purpose and goals of The Cromartie Family Association.


The Executive Board of the Cromartie Family Association shall be a President, a Vice-President, a Recording Secretary, Corresponding Secretary and a Treasurer, all selected by the Nominating Committee to serve two year terms. The Board shall be elected by the majority vote of the Members in good standing present at the Cromartie Family Reunion business meeting held each October. Various Committees and Committee Chairpersons may be appointed from time to time by the President.

  • President - shall preside at all meetings, issue a call to all meetings, and perform other functions and duties as they may pertain to the office of the President. The office of President is normally filled by the prior Vice President to serve an additional two-year term. The President presides over the Family Reunion and the annual business meeting held prior to each Family Reunion. The President provides leadership to each of the Committee Chairpersons; leadership for membership communications (Website Updates, Post Card Reminders, Newsletter and the Reunion Report)
  • Vice President - shall act in the president's absence, serve as parliamentarian, and perform such other duties as they may pertain to the office of the Vice President. The Vice President normally rises to fill the President's office upon completion of their two-year term. The Vice President is responsible for developing the Reunion Program and coordinating the site preparation for the Reunion day event.
  • Corresponding Secretary - shall maintain an up-to-date email directory of Members as well as a "snail-mail" directory for Members without email contact. The Corresponding Secretary prepares the Reunion email and post card reminder and distributes it to the Members; answers correspondence concerning the Reunion; maintains and documents the birth and obituary section on both the website and the Reunion program; and serves as the liaison between the Cromartie Family Assoication and Clan Urquhart.
  • Recording Secretary - shall keep record of, transcribe and distribute all proceedings of all meetings of the Cromartie Family Association Executive Board and the Cromartie Family Family Reunion, maintain contact information for all the membership and relatives, and perform other duties as they may pertain to the Recording Secretary.
  • Treasurer - shall collect, document, receipt, and deposit all monies from membership dues, fundraiser profits, and reunion fees. The Treasurer shall record all financial expenditures, and perform other duties as they may pertain to the office of the Treasurer. The Treasurer shall also provide an annual financial report to the Members at the annual Cromartie Family Reunion.

Election of officers shall be held every 2 years at the business meeting of the Cromartie Family Reunion. Any vacancies during the interim between Reunion meetings shall be filled by appointment of the President. Services provided as officers of the Cromartie Family Association or as members of an appointed Committee shall be a voluntary service.


A reunion for the Cromartie Family will be held annually during the second weekend of October of each year at South River Presbyterian Church unless changed by a majority vote of the Membership during the voting portion of the Cromartie Family Association business meeting.


No officer, committee, and/or committee member shall receive any funds or incur any expense for the Association unless authorized in writing by the President, with concurrence of the Vice President. Nor shall the Treasurer or other officers make any payment except for expenditures that have been approved by the Executive Board. The Treasurer shall maintain one bank account named The Cromartie Family Association.


A business meeting shall be held prior to the Reunion during the annual Reunion weekend, or such time as determined by the Executive Board. These family business meetings are open to all members. Final decisions on issues brought to the business meeting shall be passed by majority vote of members present during the voting portion of the Cromartie Family Reunion business meeting.


These By-Laws are effective as of the date hereon and ratified at the business meeting to be held at the Cromartie Family Reunion, 2011.


These by-laws may be amended by a Majority vote of members at the annual family reunion business meeting of members present, provided the proposed amendments have been submitted to the membership through the website not less then 30 days prior to the annual business meeting.


The Cromartie Family Association disclaims responsibility for the actions and personal opinions of individual members who are in violation of the Association's policies and procedures.

We, the Officers of the Cromartie Family Association do hereby subscribe to these articles, and in accordance with the wishes and desires of the majority of the membership of the Association, and by our signatures, establish the Cromartie Family Association. - October 9,2011

The Cromartie Family Association, Inc

The Cromartie Family Association, Inc. is a North Carolina Non-Profit 501(c)3 Corporation filed on June 9, 2011. The company's filing status is Current-Active and our File Number is 1207669. The Registered Agent is Taylor E. Cromartie, P.0. Box 123 Wilmington, NC 28402.

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