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90th Annual Reunion

Saturday October 10th, 2020


Sunday October 11, 2020 

The Reunion will be virtual this year. 

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SATURDAY, 10 OCT 2020, 4:00 P.M. EST
Presentation and Discussion (1 hour) via Zoom

Guest: Dr. Joseph Kelly will discuss his popular and widely-praised new book, Marooned: Jamestowne, Shipwreck, and a New History of America's Origin (Bloomsbury, 2018). There will be a special focus on our ancestor, Stephen Hopkins (1581-1644), as “the first true American.”

SUNDAY, 11 OCT 2020, 4:00 P.M. EST
Reunion, Business Meeting, and Program (2 hours) via Zoom

Guest: Dr. Kimberly B. Sherman will present on Recreating Community: Scottish Families on the Cape Fear -- how Scots attempted to create and recreate forms of community and kinship after immigrating to North Carolina in the eighteenth century. There will be a special focus on Bladen County and the area around the Cromartie settlement.

These two gatherings promise to be exceptional and relevant for Cromartie descendants. 

Cromartie Family Association

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Reunion History

The Cromartie Family Reunion was first observed on August 29, 1929 and was attended by various descendants of William Cromartie, an immigrant from Orkney, Scotland. "William of Orkney" settled the Cape Fear River area of North Carolina in 1750 and became the patriarch of the Cromartie Family in America. That first meeting of Cromartie descendants was held at White Lake, North Carolina to form a family organization for the preservation of Cromartie Family history, its genealogy, and to honor their family patriarch.

Family Plaque

A granite marker in memory of William Cromartie was unveiled in a commemorative program at the South River Presbyterian Church on August 18, 1932.

Family Plaque

This marker was installed and can still be viewed near the site of his Revolutionary period home near the intersection of Highway 701 and 210 which have the following coordinates 34*44'53.53" North, 78*25'18.05" West.

Cromartie Family Association

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