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The purpose of the Cromartie Family Association is to strengthen the bond of kinship among all Cromarties and their extended families and to encourage pride in our family’s history and heritage from the Revolutionary War through the present day. Secondly, for more than 85 years, the Cromartie Family has held an annual reunion to maintain family unity and harmony and to create a supportive atmosphere for younger members of the family to learn from the wisdom of former generations. Third, while the family historians have maintained family records for almost two hundred years, the Cromartie Family Association wishes to foster continuing research; to publish that research documenting the history of the Cromartie family ancestors up to present generations; and to provide a template for those family members to come in the future by which they can maintain the traditions and documentation of the Cromartie Family in America.

Cromartie Family Association


Position Name Name
President Greg Butler
Vice-President To Be Determined
Recording and Corresponding Secretary Taylor Cromartie
Treasurer Scott Cromartie
Cromartie Family Association

Committee Chairpersons

Committee Chairperson Chairperson
Membership and Programs Fred Butler
Website Committee Robert "Bob" Cromartie
South River Church Committee Scott Cromartie
Hospitality Len and Renée Clark
Geneology and History Amanda Gilbert and Jim Campbell
Nominating Robert "Bob" Cromartie

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